Gladiator Fight : 3D Battle Contest 1.0.2 [免費版]

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# Gladiator Fight is a fighting game that anyone can enjoy.
# How to Play
Strong attacks and combos generate more damage.
Gladiators have diverse abilities and special Attack.
# Gladiators foster
Level up improves the basic skills of the Gladiator.
If you upgrade your skill card from winning, you can strengthen your gladiator.
You can have the best gladiators by leveling up the weapons in the Forge
# Synopsis
"Who's the strongest in the world?"
The Challenge Project attracted the best research staff in genetic engineering with many investments.
The restored genes of the heroes, and clones made from those genes.
Even though the clone has already been made, it wasn't easy to control, nor was it easy to instill will, methods, and growth in it.
The project foundation began to look for masters who can educate clones to become fighters.
Those who applied as masters were given exceptional treatments.
Creating just a single clone came with tremendous costs.
But money wasn't an issue. They just needed interest and stimulation.
They decided to provide the masters with Klaus, the earliest model with high level of completion.
It is you who can grow the clone into the greatest gladiator. It all depends on the master's abilities and effort.
# System
Global Raking
Global Matching
Rival System
★ News / suggestions ★
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▶ homepage :
※ minimum specification : Android 4.4~
※ Battle&Blade is available at 3G, 4G or WI-FI
※ The game is free and includes some paid content.
※ Google Play leader board & Achievements supports



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  • 支持ROM: 4.4及更高版本
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  • 更新日期: 2018-02-15