Dead Paradise 0.9.25 [免費版]

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Destroy everything in your way without sparing a single rocket or round in the dangerous world of a post-apocalyptic New America ruled by warring rival factions on
Use a large arsenal of weapons, from machine guns to grenade launchers, to destroy marauding gangs and get your family back. Dodge annoying mines and fortified turrets.
Show your skills and seize control of all the gangs!UPGRADE YOUR VEHICLES
4 types of vehicles able to overcome any obstacles are waiting for you. Enemies are smashed against the armor of the Tank, but it’s not as fast as the Reaper, so you’ll
have to make the best use of your options. Upgrade your off-road vehicles to make them too tough to crack for pirates on wheels!CAPTURE NEW TERRITORIES
Fight in the post-apocalyptic expanses of New America. The journey will start from the city where your family lived. A long journey through deserts, quarries, suburbs, and
airports awaits before you can hope to find the one who wronged you.GATHER YOUR TEAM
The Mechanic and the Stalker will be the first to help you. When you play, you can free and conquer other characters. Each one has a powerful new weapon, but will everyone
stay with you till the end?FEATURES:
- More than 70 levels with different locations: City, Desert, Canyon, Suburb, and others
- Conquer one location after another, getting resources from enemy gangs
- Level up your sweet rides: 5 vehicles to choose from, including the Tank
- Fight across the vast expanses of the post-apocalyptic world
- Customizable control
- 3 difficulty levels with different rewards
- More than 15 types of enemies, from ordinary bikes to heavy tanks
- 4 unique bosses
- Large arsenal: machine guns, shotguns, and others; including a grenade launcher
- Interaction with friends and resource sharing on Facebook



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  • 軟體名稱: Dead Paradise
  • 軟體分類: 工具
  • APK名稱:
  • 最新版本: 0.9.25
  • 支持ROM: 4.1及更高版本
  • 軟體大小 : 19.63 MB
  • 更新日期: 2018-02-24