Baby treatment girls games 7.9.3 [免費版]


Hello, we all know how hard it is to be sick, the pain is unbearable and we can not make everyday activities. When we are sick we have to go to the hospital where a doctor
will help us to feel better. Do you want to become a good doctor to help kids feel better? If you answer is yes, then this kids game with doctors is perfect for you. With
this game you will be able to take care of our child who has a stomach ache because he ate something unhealthy.
You must be very careful with our baby girl because she is small and sensitive, she does not like to go to the hospital and therefore you must behave very nice to her. To
help her not have pain you must comply with all instructions. Be a responsible kid and everything will be fine, the baby could go home where she will be playing with her
You must respect the time, if not you will have to replay the game.
1) The girl eats and starts having stomach pain, she arrived on time at the hospital and you can begin the treatment. Check heart rate, offers a candy girl, check the
temperature, offers a toy to play, take a shot that will relieve pain, give her a milk bottle, measuring blood pressure and finally let our daughter to play with teddy
2) The child has not a fever, this is fine but we need to find the cause of pain. We think that pains are because of this cold foods so you will have to sit on a panel the
cold and the best fruits.
3) Found the problem, you are a good doctor, you have to apply the appropriate treatment stomach then clean thoroughly with an ice cube treat wounds. For bacteria you will
use a special solution, eliminates wounds using a device, with a magnifying glass you can locate other bacteria to be destroyed.
4) Your method was very good, the child is feeling better but you must prescribe a treatment. You will have to explain that is a good thing to drink more water, take pills
recommend by you, take a tablespoon of syrup before meals, she should eat a vegetable broth, if the soup is hot our girl can eat candy.
5) You helped the girl to heal, now she is very happy and healthy, she can play with her brothers.
Thank you for choosing this game and invite you to choose and other doctor games and games for girls online to test your skills further.
Thank you for help, you are a good doctor!
You can return to take care of her anytime through this game for kids.
Have fun!



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