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तुम्ही कधीना कधी नदीवरील कोडी आपल्या मित्रांना सोडवण्यासाठी किंवा बुद्धी चाचणीसाठी दिले असतील. तेच कोडी आता गमे स्वरूपात.
A river crossing puzzle is a type of transport puzzle in which the objective is to carry items from one river bank to another. The difficulty of the puzzle may arise from
restrictions on which or how many items can be transported at the same time, or from which or how many items may be safely left together.
The setting may vary cosmetically, for example, by replacing the river by a bridge.
The jealous husbands problem, in which three married couples must cross a river using a boat which can hold at most two people, subject to the constraint that no woman can
be in the presence of another man unless her husband is also present. This is similar to the Angels and Devils problem, in which three Angels and three Devils must cross
the river, with the constraint that at any time when both Angels and Devils are standing on either bank, the Devils on that bank may not outnumber the Angels.
River crossing type of puzzles help you develop lateral thinking. Marathi River crossing is a good food to the brain. The app provides animated interactive marathi river
crossing puzzle which make it much more fun to solve these puzzles.
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